FieldStream Pro – Field Service Management

Elevate Your Operations
with FieldStream Pro

Advanced Software Solution for seamles and optimized field operations

Faster, more accurate, and safer services for every stakeholder involved.

Discover the power of seamless operations with FieldStream Pro – your advanced software ally in mastering installation, testing, and maintenance activities. FieldStream Pro is engineered to amplify field activity efficiency, assure data quality, and foster effortless communication and collaboration amongst all stakeholders, all while championing crucial safety, wellness, and environmental standards. Dive into a world of faster, sharper, and safer services, unlocking a superior service experience for all stakeholders.

AI-driven optimization

FieldStream Pro allows for efficient planning and scheduling of installation, testing, and maintenance activities. Thanks to optimization algorithms, it takes into account the availability of operators, required skills, and activity priorities, all while adhering to safety, well-being, and environmental regulations. This ensures optimal resource utilization and effective work organization.

Monitoring in real time

The platform allows real-time monitoring of ongoing activities, executed operations, and pending tasks. Thanks to advanced tools for analysis and reporting, which enable monitoring activity performance and identifying any inefficiencies or critical issues, informed and timely decisions can be made to improve the quality of the service provided.

Efficient communication and collaboration

FieldStream Pro facilitates communication between agents, support teams and customers by offering messaging, video conferencing and document sharing tools. This allows you to quickly resolve any problems or doubts and improve collaboration between all parties involved. The platform also allows you to notify relevant communications and events such as weather alerts, unsafe conditions, near-misses.

End-to-end solution

Thrive in a connected work environment with FieldStream Pro – your field staff's gateway to structured agendas, effortless access to essential documents, and seamless communication with central teams. Experience the ease of video conferences for on-demand expert support. With FieldStream Pro, field staff stay organized, informed, and well-coordinated, propelling productivity and efficiency to new heights.

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