Evolve your data

Data acquisition, analysis and visualization

Evolve your data

Innovate the way you manage your assets!

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Artificial intelligence, IoT, and smart monitoring

From data gathering to value creation in a unique platform. Our models allow performance monitoring, process optimisation, and IoT integration and can be customised according to your needs.

Lean as a startup, reliable like a corporate

We are a people-first company and we like to generate impact in a kind and open environment. Nevertheless, we give the business what it wants leveraging data, its value, and the impact on all company streams.

Solid track record

Operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, and advanced monitoring are the main topics we cover. Thanks to collaborations with corporates and partners we prove the strength of our innovative and effective solution.

Latest news from our blog

SMAU Paris, here we are!

We are in for SMAU Paris 2022. M2D has been selected as one of the 40 most innovative companies to represent Italy in the Parisian startup ecosystem. That is another validation of the amazing work done! See you in Paris!

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Security must have: ISO27001 certified!

We can proudly state that we obtained ISO27001 Certification last month! We do guarantee high quality standards and attention to people, process and information, providing the most innovative and secure solutions to our customers!  

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