Shaping data into

Evolve your data, empower your decisions.

Shaping data into intelligence

Evolve your data, empower your decisions.

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Data and business intelligence

Our data and business intelligence solutions transform raw data into actionable insights. With our tools and expertise, companies can make informed decisions, uncover new opportunities, and streamline operations. Advanced analytics forecast trends and identify risks, ensuring businesses stay ahead of the curve. Centralized data offers a unified business view, boosting efficiency and collaboration. Ultimately, our solutions empower companies to innovate and succeed in a dynamic marketplace.

Lean as a startup, reliable like a corporate

We believe in a culture that is both kind and open, a space where innovation thrives and ideas flourish. This commitment to a positive work environment supports business needs and let us anticipate future trends and challenges. Our flexibility in leveraging data allows us to make impactful decisions, influencing every department and stream within the company and customers. We bridge the gap between a startup's agility and a corporate's reliability, delivering excellence at every turn.

Solid track record

We're all about making things work better and more efficiently. Our main areas of expertise are making sure operations run smoothly, predicting and fixing problems before they happen, and constantly monitoring to ensure everything's on track. We don't just talk about it; we've teamed up with the most important corporates to prove our methods work. Together, we're showing that our innovative approach isn't just different – it's solid and effective.

Latest news from our blog

SMAU Paris, here we are!

We are in for SMAU Paris 2022. M2D has been selected as one of the 40 most innovative companies to represent Italy in the Parisian startup ecosystem. That is another validation of the amazing work done! See you in Paris!

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Security must have: ISO27001 certified!

We can proudly state that we obtained ISO27001 Certification last month! We do guarantee high quality standards and attention to people, process and information, providing the most innovative and secure solutions to our customers!  

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