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Platform for autonomous inspection on photovoltaic plants


process efficiency

The usage of autonomous robots (UGVs and UAVs) for inspections tasks on photovoltaic plants is the next big step in the renewable energy generation to lower the operation and maintenance cost and improve the plant production.
In cooperation with Enel Green Power, M2D have developed a holistic platform able to operate different robots (UAVs/UGVs), collect and analyze the inspection data coming from the field in a fully automated way.

IENCO / Eni Gas e Luce / EVOLVERE
Optimization system for field operations planning.


faster scheduling

The system is based on our AI platform enhanced with multi-objective optimisation algorithms in order to provide optimisation of tasks scheduling and distribution among the available resources, both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

HELIOS PRO / Enel Green Power
Platform for predictive maintenance and anomaly detection in the photovoltaic field.


efficiency recovery by predicting faults and anomalies

Thanks to our powerful and scalable machine learning and performance monitoring proprietary algorithms, our platform is able to predict incoming underperformance and systems anomalies, several days in advance.
Thanks to its capability and efficiency, our product was adopted in 7 countries and process data come from more than 1GW of renewable plants installed capacity.

Electrical substation communication and performance monitoring platform.


efficiency increase

Thanks to data-driven analysis and a flexible clustering engine, we have provided Acea with a fast, effective and intuitive tool to identify, classify and prevent any possible critical failure that may affect their communication systems.

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